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Re: errors while picking random numbers under constraint and in loop also

thanks everyone for very helpful comments. 

it's so funny to look at my clumsy codes after you guys fixing it. The
way you guys used Sort made me laugh at myself for not having thought
of it.

for the problem of choosing under the constraint given,  it appears
that most of you will choose a set of random parameter and then sort.
instead being FIXED to an idea that there are two random parameters
and making a routine that will choose the parameters under contraint.

also thanks a lot for the elegant demonstration of using While. both
daniel and peter used it. Having seen this use of "while" helps me for
my next set of constraints where the ratio of two paramter can't be
greater than a given number.

I haven't worked it out in full yet.  I'll post it if I have problems.

Thanks again all. 

PS.  about the comments on functional programming and constructs. yes,
I haven't been able to make very good use of the documentations on
these matters. Some of them doesn't make very much sense to me.  It's
easier to learn by doing it brute force way. Granted that I have never
taken a programming class in my life, I think I'm doing ok. I've
always been a biologist whose training has been on experimental
biology. I guess that lack of some fundamentals do show through in
obvious ways.

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