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RE: change PlotStyle in Graphics object after the fact?


p1 = Plot[x^3, {x, -1, 1}];


      {Blue, First[p1]}],
    Axes -> True,
    PlotRange -> All];

On your destroyed email address: Spammers and virus generated email ruined
my email address, especially since I'm using a modem and the virus generated
email was fairly long. I subscribed to a challenge-response system, in my
case SpamArrest, and that completely solved the problem. (About once a month
an advertiser will actually respond and slip an email through, but I
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David Park
djmp at

From: jose flanigan [mailto:jflanigan at]
To: mathgroup at


I have a number of graphics objects created like

p2=Plot[g[x], {x,-1,2}]

and I was wondering if I can change the PlotStyle on p1 and p2 by
doing something like

p2/.PlotStyle->{new plot style options}

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

PS. Please reply to this group. Spammers have destroyed this e-mail

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