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Re: Question on pattern matching


Orderless mean not that Mathematica try all possible argument
orderings, it mean that Mathematica can order the arguments in the
way it likes it (OrderedQ[args]===True)


Roman Green wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a very newbie in Mathematica so sorry for possibly stupid question.
> In the following Mathematica's output
> In[1]:= SetAttributes[k, Orderless]
> In[2]:= k[a, b, b] /. k[x_, x_, y_] -> 0
> Out[2]= 0
> In[3]:= k[a, b, b] /. k_[x_, x_, y_] -> 0
> Out[3]= k[a, b, b]
> I can't understand why Mathematica can find match when applying pattern
> k[x_, x_, y_], but is unable with more general pattern k_[x_, x_, y_].
> Thanks in advance.
> ---
> R. Green

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