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Re: New user: Absproblem

On 8/15/04 at 3:14 AM, murray at (Murray Eisenberg)

>Yes, sometimes Mathematica cannot find (all) solutions.  But in
>this case, BELIEVE!  Mathematica DID solve it: there are no

>You can see this, e.g., by graphing your piecewise-linear function:

>Plot[x + 1 + Abs[2x - 4] + Abs[5 - x], {x, -10, 10}]; 
>Plot[x + 1 + Abs[2x - 4] + Abs[5 - x], {x, 0, 5}];

The original poster wrote

>>I'm trying to solve this equation on Mathematica: 
>>x + 1 - |2x - 4| + |5 - x| = 0

You changed the sign of Abs[2 x -4] in your plot and yes, your version has no solution as you correctly showed. But there is a solution to the original problem even though Solve fails to find it.
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