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RE: FactorTerms


Do you mean that you want a list of the two parts?

PA = 16*a0 + 16*a1*z + 16*a2*z^2 + 16*a3*z^3 + 16*a4*z^4;
PAfactored = FactorTerms[PA];
List @@ PAfactored

or any of these others...

Table[Part[PAfactored, i], {i, 1, 2}]

{First[#], Rest[#]} &[PAfactored]

Array[Part[PAfactored, #] &, 2]

David Park
djmp at 

From: Carlos Felippa [mailto:carlos at]
To: mathgroup at

Suppose I have the polynomial

PA=16*a0 + 16*a1*z + 16*a2*z^2 + 16*a3*z^3 + 16*a4*z^4;



16*(a0 + a1*z + a2*z^2 + a3*z^3 + a4*z^4)

How do I extract the 16 and the (...)?

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