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RE: multiple list plot and frameticks

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  • Subject: [mg45447] RE: [mg45427] multiple list plot and frameticks
  • From: "David Park" <djmp at>
  • Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 17:31:12 -0500 (EST)
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<< Graphics`Graphics`
<< Graphics`MultipleListPlot`

flist = Table[{p, 4.Exp[-5. p]}, {p, 1, 15, 2}];

dx = Transpose[flist][[1]]
dy = Transpose[flist][[2]]

MultipleListPlot[Transpose[{dx, Log[10, dy]}],
    SymbolShape -> {PlotSymbol[Box, 2]},
    Axes -> False,
    Frame -> True, FrameTicks -> {Automatic, LogScale, Automatic,
    ImageSize -> 450];

That works except that we would probably prefer not to have the "1. x" on
all the tick labels, or the form "0.001" and the right hand tick marks do
not correspond to the left hand tick marks.

With DrawGraphics I was able to use CustomTicks to eliminate the problems.


logdata = {#1, Log[10, #2]} & @@ # & /@ flist

    {PlotSymbol[Box, 2] /@ logdata,
      Gray, Line[logdata]},
    Frame -> True,

    FrameTicks ->
        CustomTicks[6Log[10, 1000#] &, {-10, 0, {1}, {}},
          CTNumberFunction -> (NumberForm[N[#], ExponentFunction ->
                  NumberFormat -> (Module[{exp = 6(ToExpression[#3] + 3)},
                          If[exp == 0, 1, Superscript[10, exp]]] &)] &)],
        CustomTicks[6Log[10, 1000#] &, {-10, 0, {1}, {}},
          CTNumberFunction -> ("" &)]},

    PlotLabel -> "Log Plot With Custom Tick Marks",
    ImageSize -> 450];

I'll send separately a gif image of the plot.

David Park
djmp at

From: Nathan Moore [mailto:nmoore at]
To: mathgroup at


I'd like to use multiple list plot and frame ticks to generate a plot
of log-linear data (I'm aware that LogLinearListPlot would be easier
but that doesn't allow for plot-markers (box, triangle, star etc).

At present I'm doing the following, data set

flist = Table[{p, 4.Exp[-5. p]}, {p, 1, 15, 2}]

then I can make a simple plot with

  << Graphics`Graphics`

But I want to plot this with other data in a B&W paper, so I need to
use Multiple List Plot,

  << Graphics`MultipleListPlot`


	SymbolShape -> {PlotSymbol[Box, 2]},

The hang-up is that the axes are funny.  I could use FrameTicks and
LogScale/LinearScale to specify ticks, but if I do so, I see that in
both cases LogScale and Linear Scale generate a 2-d set of axis that
FrameTicks won't accept

LinearScale[ dx[[1]], dx[[-1]] ]
LogScale[ dy[[1]], dy[[-1]] ]

So, do I have to generate my frame ticks by hand, or is there a clever
way to generate axes of different scale.

NT Moore
U of Minnesota Physics

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