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Re: hyperlink to pdf files

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  • Subject: [mg45565] Re: hyperlink to pdf files
  • From: Roland Franzius <roland.franzius at>
  • Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 01:26:18 -0500 (EST)
  • Organization: Universitaet Hannover
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Hi Christopher

These cells after converting them from Show Expression menu all worked 
for me on windows 2000 Mathematica 4.01

Original pasted by right button context menu URL browser

Cell[TextData[ButtonBox["Relativistische Quantenmechanik", 

Next change Options: ButtonEvaluator->Automatic and Active->True to 
engage kernel evaluation. We put the file on desktop to test environment 

Direct reference working

Cell[TextData[ButtonBox["Relativistische Quantenmechanik",
ButtonData->{URL[StringJoin["file://D:\\Dokumente und 
Einstellungen\\Administrator\\Desktop\\","RelQm01.pdf"]], None},

Invoke a StringJoin to prepare the URL

Cell[TextData[ButtonBox["Relativistische Quantenmechanik",
       StringJoin[ "file://","D:\\Dokumente und 
Einstellungen\\Administrator\\Desktop\\", "RelQm01.pdf"]], None},
   ButtonStyle->"Hyperlink"]], "Input"]

At last we invoke Environment[ ] to get the real time language 
independent path

Cell[TextData[ButtonBox["Relativistische Quantenmechanik",
       StringJoin[ "file://", Environment["userprofile"],"\\Desktop", 
"\\RelQm01.pdf"]], None},
   ButtonStyle->"Hyperlink"]], "Input"]

Hope it helps



Roland Franzius

Christopher Purcell wrote:

> I would like to insert hyperlinks to pdf files in notebooks in a  
> platform independent way.
> I can create a cell that looks like this:
> Cell[TextData[ButtonBox["Examples Manual",
>    ButtonData:>{
>      URL[  
> "file:///Library/Mathematica/Applications/MyPackage/Documentation/ 
> English/References/examples.pdf"], None},
>    ButtonStyle->"Hyperlink"]], "Input"]
> that works great on MacOSX to hyperlink to the file examples.pdf.  I am  
> sure I can do something similar on Windows, provided I use Windows  
> style paths.
> But to have this work in a platform-independent way,
> I would like to make the argument of URL[ ]  to be something like:
> "file:/ 
> /"<>ToFileName[{$AddOnsDirectory,"MyPackage","Documentation","English"," 
> References"},"examples.pdf"]
> But this doesn't work. Putting Evaluate around it does not help. URL or  
> ButtonData reject everything except the explicit text string. Any other  
> ideas?
> Christopher Purcell
> Sensors & Actuators Group
> DRDC-Atlantic, 9 Grove St., PO Box 1012,
> Dartmouth NS B2Y 3Z7 Canada
> Tel 902-426-3100 x389
> Fax 902-426-9654

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