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Re: Writing strings

    p=ys[[1]] = {"some string", "another sttring"}
    is a string now, so what you have to do is
    Out[]=  some string

On Thu, 8 Jul 2004, camartin at wrote:

> Group,
> Why is it when I write a list of strings to a file, then try to read it
> back later, the list has only one element per line?
> For example
> g= {"some string", "another sttring"}
> rat=OpenAppend["c:\file"]
> Write[rat, g]
> Close[rat]
> This writes to a file
> {"some string", "another sttring"}
> When I read it back in using
> tat=OpenRead["c:\\file"]
> ys=ReadList[tat, String]
> It reads the file in but there is only one element in the list i.e.
> p=ys[[1]] = {"some string", "another sttring"}
> p[[1]]
> doesn't exist.  That means I can't recover the different strings.  Could
> someone explain this and how I can get a list of strings I can use or
> partition?
> Thanks in advance.
> Cliff

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