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Re: Merging lists if an element in each partially matches?

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  • Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 23:58:59 -0400 (EDT)
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Charles Koehler wrote:

> Hello,

> I typically need to merge separate sets of data into one list.  If
> each file contains the same sample I can join them quickly and easily
> using various merge and sort routines that have been discussed here in
> the  the past, such as myMatch5, etc.  This is great when the sample
> name match exactly, however I am attempting to deal with sample names
> that do not match exactly.  They will differ only in the length of
> name; one list may contain for example a sample name of 3_78457_5 and
> the second may only have 3_78457 or 78457_5.

> It should be possible to search the 2 data lists for columns that have
> the largest run of consecutively matching characters, and assume that
> is the correct match.  Would it be possible to develop a similarity
> criteria?  I can see that this type of function would very useful in
> things more important that this.

> Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

> Sincerely,

> Charles Koehler

You could use a function "similar" to this one :
In[1]:= similar[alpha_String, beta_String]:=
      charalpha = Characters[alpha];
      charbeta = Characters[beta];
      leng = Max[Length[charalpha],Length[charbeta]];
      padalpha = PadRight[charalpha,leng];
      padbeta = PadRight[charbeta,leng];
      robeta = RotateLeft[padbeta,#]& /@ (Range[leng]-1);
      transbeta = Transpose[{padalpha,#}]& /@ robeta;
      countalpha = Count[#,First[#] == Last[#]&]& /@ transbeta;
      roalpha = RotateLeft[padalpha,#]& /@ (Range[leng]-1);
      transalpha = Transpose[{padbeta,#}]& /@ roalpha;
      countbeta = Count[#,{x_,x_}]& /@ transalpha;






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