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Re: Re: Net/Link: Problem with DLL (2)

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  • Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 02:51:18 -0400 (EDT)
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After more reading and experimenting have now got something 'working' but
have some more questions:

My Fortran DLLs are imported to Excel via VBA (see below).   I have tried to
use the 'self documenting VB format for clarity but have
only beem able to preserve it precisely for Double scalars as:

(1) Comment: To get Int32 I have replaced Long by long;  I recall  .Net has
default Integers.

(2) Comment: the OUT array "second from last arg" seems to only be
possible with Double[].

(3) Question: .. How can I make this a two dmensional array OUT. As you will
see I currently use a 1-D array and

(4) Comment: the OUT "last arg" seems best as,  out int ;  as the  manual

I guess this hybrid style is a mess but it was hard getting it working!

Note that a real DLL would be needed to actually test this

Clear[psaInductanceDLL, psaInductancedll];
psaInductancedll =
DefineDLLFunction["psaMagIndMr2", "maths0000.dll",
"Void", {"ByVal m As long", "ByVal rp As Double", "Double[]",
"ByVal np As long", "ByVal rq As Double", "Double[]",
"ByVal nq As long", "ByVal gpp As long", "ByVal gpq As long",
"double[]", "out int"}]

psaInductanceDLL[m_,rp_, zpl_List, rq_, zql_List, opt___Rule] :=
ores = MakeNETObject[Table[0.0, {np*nq}]];
psaInductancedll[m, rp, zpl, np, rq, zql, nq, 4, 3, ores, status];
res = Partition[NETObjectToExpression[ores] , {np}]
psaInductanceDLL is fast.

My VBA (i.e. VB6) delaration is:
Declare Sub psaMagIndMr3 Lib "maths0000.dll" ( _
ByVal m As Long, _
ByVal rp As Double, ByRef zpl As Double, ByVal np As Long, _
ByVal rq As Double, ByRef zql As Double, ByVal nq As Long, _
ByVal gpp As Long, ByVal gpq As Long, _
ByRef res As Double, ByRef status As Long)


Peter Aptaker

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etc etc

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