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RE: one question about draw graph in frame

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  • Subject: [mg49013] RE: [mg49001] one question about draw graph in frame
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  • Date: Tue, 29 Jun 2004 04:49:40 -0400 (EDT)
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>Subject: [mg49013] [mg49001] one question about draw graph in frame
>Dear group,
>      i draw a graph in frame model and can use framticks to 
>let the upper 
>and right have some scale you want. My question is that if it 
>is possible 
>to let the mathematics to do it automatically? you know, to write down 
>every ticks is annoying.
>      e.g
>      \!\(Plot[x\^2, {x,
>      0, 1}, Frame -> True, FrameTicks -> {{0,  .5,  .7, 1}, {0,  .5, 
>      Any suggestion will be appreciated!

One option would be to use a tickfunction.  Either get it from the book "Mathematica Graphics" by Tom Wickham-Jones, or from the Graphics`Graphics` standard package:

In[39]:= <<Graphics`Graphics`

In[41]:= With[{tx = LinearScale[0,2], ty = LinearScale[0,4]},
  Plot[x^2, {x,0,2}, Frame -> True, FrameTicks -> {tx, ty, tx, ty}]]

The disadvantage here is that you don't get the minor ticks. You might delve further into the package to get those too, but here is another hacker's method to reach for the Automatic tick marks:

First make a "dummy plot" with the intended plot ranges (alternatively -- if not too expensive -- just plot your function):

In[35]:= Plot[{}, {x, 0, 2}, Frame -> True, PlotRange -> {{0, 2}, {0, 4}}, 
  DisplayFunction -> Identity]

Now we extract the frameticks generated automatically:

In[36]:= {tx, ty, tx0, ty0} = FrameTicks /. AbsoluteOptions[%, FrameTicks];

tx and ty contain the ticks including position labels for the x- and y-axis, tx0, ty0 just the plain ticks. You now may reuse them ad lib, e.g.:

Plot[x^2, {x, 0, 2}, Frame -> True, FrameTicks -> {tx, ty0, tx0, ty}]

Hartmut Wolf

P.S.: Perhaps best download the packages "ExtendGraphics" by Tom Wickham-Jones from the WRI web site an then easily do:

In[48]:= << ExtendGraphics`ticks`

In[49]:= Options[TickFunction]
{MajorLength -> {0.00625, 0}, MinorLength -> {0.003125, 0}, 
 MajorStyle -> {Thickness[0.002]}, MinorStyle -> {Thickness[0.001]}, 
 TextFunction -> Automatic, TickLabels -> Automatic, TickNumbers -> {8, 32}}

In[50]:= ?TickFunction
"TickFunction is a function that can be used with the Ticks option to alter 
the appearance of tick marks."

Plot[x^2, {x, 0, 2}, Frame -> True, FrameTicks -> TickFunction]

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