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writing greek characters to files

I'm writing a package in which I need to save the results of various
long calculations.

I wrote two simple functions;



DefinitionString[expr_]:=ToStringHeld[expr] <> " = " <>
   ToString[expr,InputForm] <> ";\n"

Now, for example, with


DefinitionString[b] produces the string "b = 6;\n". Great. I then
write it to a file with, for example

WriteString[stream, DefinitionString[b]];

I run into problems if in the example above I replace b everywhere
with beta (entered as <esc>b<esc> in the front-end). In this case the
file "tmp" contains an unprintable character (pair of characters, in
fact), whereas I'd like it to contain \[Beta] = 6;.

If I use instead DefinitionString[\[Beta]]>>"tmp", it correctly prints
the string, but with quotation marks, making it useless for input...

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Scott Morrison

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