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How to read a string from a file?

I have a file called outpara.txt.
The content is "M=70,N=90,L=100,S0=0.0001,S1=0.1,mu=0,D=0.01,m=2,n=2,m1=2,n1=2,k1=1,k2=1,k_2=1,k3=1,k_3=1,D1=0.01,k4=1,k_4=1,D2=0.01,k5=1,k_5=1,k6=1,k_6=1,k7=1,k_7=1,k8=1,k_8=1,k9=1,k_9=1,DELTA_T=0.1,DURATION=5000000,SAMPLE_PERIOD=50000"

I want Mathematica read the content of the file into a string. And
then display this string as the caption of a graph generated by

I tried a few ways but it doesn't work. Could you help me?

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