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Re: List of Variables and manipulating them ...

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  • Subject: [mg47094] Re: List of Variables and manipulating them ...
  • From: Detlef Mueller <dmueller at>
  • Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 05:48:26 -0500 (EST)
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"Wolf, Hartmut" wrote:
> >During a Session, a User can create some Variables, wich are
> >all of the Form
> >
> >x = MyType[L_list, S_anything].
> >
> >say
> >
> >x=MyType[{1,2,5,6},Y],
> >y=MyType[{1,2,4,9},R],
> >A99=MyType[{1,2,99},PI]
> >...
> >and so on.
> >
> >Now I want to perform the following:
> >
> >Take All Variables wich look like
> >MyType[L, S] and replace L by some Function
> >of L, for example Sort L descending instead
> >of ascending.
> >
> >For the given Example, after calling
> >
> >ChangeAllMyTypeOrders[]
> >
> >the Variables should changed and have the
> >Values
> >
> >x=MyType[{6,5,2,1},Y],
> >y=MyType[{9,4,2,1},R],
> >A99=MyType[{99,2,1},S]
> >...

> I'm not too sure in this, to me it appears as you were changing a type. The
> basic question seems to be if you'll like that, e.g. if the girl you
> married, suddenly changed here type, or your bank, imagine!

Of course this is violating an meaningful principle.

The Problem is, that in my Package to Objects can be 
multiplied, and this multiplication is somewhat 

So I use the remember-method, defining

Now changing the order doesn't change the Product
z in z=x*z, but only the order of the summands 
in z. (For some reason it is advantagous to arrange
the Summands in ordered Form.)

Even if I say now, after changing the order, the user
has to explicitely change every Variable, or even 
recalculate everything from scratch, Mathematica would
remember the wrong Values. 

Aside from this, the user shall not mess around with 
the interna of this structure (for this there are interfaces
like LeadingTerm[x]).

This ist the Background for my adventuresome request.

Maybe I find some other Way out of this dilemma.

> One idea to pursue your program [...] 

Thank you very much. 


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