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Re: Building a list

For instance...




Mark Coleman <mark at> wrote in message news:<c40sfi$mp8$1 at>...
> Greetings,
> I've got a relatively simple function f[a_,b_,c_,d_], where a and b are  
> integers and c and d are lists (of reals), and f returns a real.
> I need to evaluate f on (potentially long) sets of lists and calculate  
> a square "matrix" from the possible permutations of the elements in the  
> lists. For instance
> If
> xlist={x1,x2,x3}
> I need to calculate
> {{f[a,b,x1,x1],f[a,b,x1,x2],f[a,b,x1,x3]},{f[a,b,x2,x1],f[a,b,x2,x2],f[a 
> ,b,x2,x3]},{f[a,b,x3,x1],f[a,b,x3,x2],f[a,b,x3,x3]}}
> Note that f[a,b,c,d] does not equal f[a,b,d,c].
> My first reaction was that Outer[] might do this, but I cannot seem to  
> get it to work. I'd appreciate any suggestions.
> Thanks,
> Mark

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