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Re: Publicon LaTeX conversion problems

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  • Subject: [mg51957] Re: Publicon LaTeX conversion problems
  • From: andre at (Andre Kuzniarek)
  • Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 02:19:34 -0500 (EST)
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blazer at (Mat Marcus) wrote in message news:<cmclui$iaj$1 at>...
> My first question is simple. I need to use some symbols that the tex
> conversion process does not directly support. In particular I need to
> use \[Implies],\[DoubleLeftRightArrow],\[NotVerticalBar],\[NotCongruent],\[RightUpVector]
> and others. I would like these to appear as \Longrightarrow,
> \iff,\nmid,\nequiv,\upharpoonright respectively. Instead they are
> emitted as the non-existent tex commands: (respectively)
> \wolframcharacter{Implies}, \unicode{21d4}, \unicode{2224},
> \unicode{2262}, etc. I have tried several workarounds within Publicon.

I'll email a palette that inserts the characters you've listed, with
special invisible structure that will make them convert to the TeX
results you want. Here is an example of what gets inserted:

    ButtonData:>{"TeX" -> "\\Longrightarrow "},

This could also be configured as an input alias (in math) and/or input
autoreplacement (in text). The former lets you assign any box
structure to an escape key combo, the latter does autoconversion for
any text string typed in a text cell.

We're resolving a number of buggy character conversions like this in
our coming 1.0.1 release. In the meantime, the hack exploited by this
palette is documented in the Getting Started section, at the end of
"Creating Palettes and Buttons", primarily as an illustration of
button editing. A slightly simpler method is to highlight the
character in question, do Insert > Hyperlink and apply an arbitrary
cell tag to satisfy the dialog box, then edit the new hyperlink via
the Edit > Button dialog as documented. If you were making the palette
provided, you would begin with the desired palette template and do the
special edits on each character typed into the palette. It's a little
tricky because you need to make a button within a button, with the
interior button simply being used as an annotation method that offers
a GUI interface.

> My second issue is related. I have some source code snippets, and I
> would like to associate some conversion rules to a style that would
> suppress the escaping of backslashes, ampersands, etc. Then I could
> wrap all of the emitted source code in a \lstlisting block. An
> "identity"/no-escape conversion function would seem to help here as
> well.

Neither Publicon nor Mathematica currently have any built-in method
for handling this, but we'll see about adding it to the 1.0.1 updates.
In the meantime, you could employ the same hack as described above to
insert these characters in a form that will convert literally, and
both "\" and "&" have been added to the palette.

> Third issue: graphics are always output as .eps files. UNfortunately,
> pdflatex cannot handle these. Is it possible to get the graphics to be
> output in other formats? Or might it help to embed the graphics in the
> latex instead? It seems like there is some provision for this in the
> source code for LaTeX conversion, but I can't figure out how to
> SetOptions to the right state in Publicon.

Alternate graphics output formats are on our to-do list. Not sure this
will make it into 1.0.1, more likely a 1.1 feature. Since Publicon
does not really offer an evaluation interface for setting options to
functions like TeXSave, we'll probably make parameters for this work
through flags set in the style sheet (and alternately via options set
in the functions called by the menu items).

We should be able to make patches available for each of these issues
so that they can be exploited before our service releases are
finished. I can provide them directly, and they should also become
available through technical support.

Andre Kuzniarek
Document Technology Manager
Wolfram Research

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