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Re: Problems about Graphics

Paul Abbott wrote:
> If you do
>  Format | Edit Style Sheet...
> for the Notebook, select the Graphics/Printout Style, then use
>  Format | Option Inspector...
> type in
>  magn
> (or any part of the word magnification) and hit return, I expect you
> will find that
>  Magnification -> 0.85

Well, what I see is 0.8 instead.

> for your StyleSheet. In other words, the StyleSheet automatically
> reduces the size of graphics for printout, which is usually what you
> want, especially if you are printing directly from a Notebook. Note that
> if you have
>  Format | Show Page Breaks
> selected you will automatically be in the Printout Style.

So what should I do now? I've tried to change the magnification into 
different number, but the problem remains.

>> > 2. The curves are not as smooth as they should be. No matter what I do
>> > there's always sawtooth with it.
> This, of course, assumes that you are using Windows. Under OS X you
> should use
>  Edit | Copy As | PICT with embedded PostScript
> Cheers,
> Paul

So there's no way I can get rid of it under Windows? 

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