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Re: Re: Outer product in mathematica

Yesterday evening I was looking ways to find out quickly if a list of  
string patterns match a list of strings or not.  Outer came handy.   
Here is a small example:



The first sublist of the Out shows how the first element of lst  
measured up to the elements of fragpatt, etc...

On Oct 15, 2004, at 2:45 AM, Albert Reiner wrote:

> [Jonas Sourlier <aeroswiss at>, Thu, 14 Oct 2004 10:51:31 +0000  
> (UTC)]:
>> okay, thanks alot. Could it be that "outer product" in English means
>> only the tensor outer product, meanwhile in German "äusseres Produkt"
>> has more the sense of the antisymmetric tensor product
>> ("wedge-product")? Our professor talked only about the second one...
> I have often heard the term "direktes Produkt" for what Outer does.
> Albert.
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