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Re: Use of large memory


with Windows XP your application has *not* the full 4 GByte address
space of a 32 Bit pointer. Because the operating system  
use some bits of the pointer to manage the tables for virtual

Only a 64 Bit Operatingsystem and a 64 Bit Mathematica can help
you out. For Intel the only available combination is a 64 Bit Linux
and a 64 Bit Mathematica for Linux.


Gerry Flanagan wrote:
> I was running into memory limits for a large numerical problem in V5.0. The
> fastest fix (I thought) was to get a large amount of RAM. We purchased a
> Pentium 4 machine running XP, with 4GB of memory. I built a test function
> that progressively uses more memory and prints MemoryUsed[]. Every time I
> get to just under 2GB of memory, I get the out-of-memory error from the
> kernal. There's nothing else running, and task manager says there's plenty
> left. Has anyone found some Windows XP tweak that allows Mathematica to use
> what's available? Would this all work better in Linux?
> Gerry Flanagan

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