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Re: trimming a string


here is my version:

      While[StringMatchQ[trimmed," *"],trimmed=StringDrop[trimmed,1]];
      While[StringMatchQ[trimmed,"* "],trimmed=StringDrop[trimmed,-1]];
trimString["  a b "]

I hoped can be done in one line...

Akos Beleznay

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Subject: [mg50871] Re: [mg50861] trimming a string

I forgot the check for the most simple case; we have to bail out then

trimString[str_] := Module[{p = StringPosition[str, " "], s, t, u},
    If[p === {}, Return[str]];
    t = Transpose[p][[1]];
    s = t - Join[{0}, Drop[t, -1] + 1];
    u = #[[{1, -1}, 2]] & /@ Split[Transpose[{s, t}], First[#2] == 0 &];
    Fold[StringDrop, str, Reverse@Cases[u, {1, _} | {_,

In[18]:= trimString["xxxx"]
Out[18]= "xxxx"


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>Subject: [mg50871] RE: [mg50861] trimming a string
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>>Subject: [mg50871] [mg50861] trimming a string
>>I would appreciate if somebody could show me a simple way of 
>trimming a
>>string. (I did it a hard way, but suspect an elegant solution.)
>>Trim(a_string): returns a copy of a string without leading 
>and trailing
>>Akos Beleznay
>I don't your solution, but here is another one, striktly unelegant:
>trimString[str_] := 
>  Module[{s, t, u}, t = Transpose[StringPosition[str, " "]][[1]];
>    s = t - Join[{0}, Drop[t, -1] + 1];
>    u = #[[{1, -1}, 2]] & /@ Split[Transpose[{s, t}], 
>First[#2] == 0 &];
>    Fold[StringDrop, str, Reverse@Cases[u, {1, _} | {_, 
>In[81]:= ss = "In the beginning there was no earth or sky";
>In[82]:= ss === trimString[ss]
>Out[82]= True
>In[83]:= ss === trimString[StringJoin["  ", ss]]
>Out[83]= True
>In[84]:= ss === trimString[StringJoin[ss, " "]]
>Out[84]= True
>(But possibly, for string manipulation, you might like to 
>search for a different tool, Perl perhaps)

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