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Re: Typesetting Mathematica code

"J. McKenzie Alexander" <jalex at> wrote in message 
news:d3t3jq$8n4$1 at
> What is the best way for including Mathematica source code (typically
> whole cells) - using the same typeface/font as in the front end - in
> LaTeX documents?
> It seems to me that there are three solutions: TeXForm, TeXSave, and
> saving the cell as EPS.  But none of these seem really feasible.
> Using TeXForm doesn't seem ideal, since TeXForm[ expr ] first evaluates
> expr and prints a TeX version of the output, where what I want is the
> TeXForm of expr before evaluation. TeXSave is deprecated in Mathematica
> 5.1 and, anyway, doesn't preserve the typeface/font.  For example, the
> lower-case double-stroked "e", "i", and "d" characters are translated
> into ordinary "e", "i", and "d".  The only fail-safe way seems to be
> saving the cell as EPS, but that won't really work for very long cells,
> and seems extremely wasteful, since the same font definitions will be
> included many, many times.

If you are satisfied with TeXForm, then why not wrap your expression in 
HoldForm and then use TeXForm.

For example:

TeXForm[ HoldForm[2^2] ]



If there is some input line that you want to write out as TeX, you can use 
Extract. For example, if line 8 had the input


Then you could recover this input as follows:


Carl Woll

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