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Re: plot on condition

I'm not sure if you can do it directly under ListPlot, but with
combination graphics primitives and some basic programming IT IS
the following will do 
Graphics[{PointSize[0.05], {If[Last[#] == 3, Green, 
      Red], Point[First[#]]} & /@ Thread[{pnts, cnd}]}, Axes -> True,
             PlotRange -> All] // Show
This may also be generated as a function that take the data and
conditions as arguments
> hello
> my question about plotting a list of points but with some condition depends on
> the status of points in other list;
> pnts={{1,2},{5,4},{3,2},{2,6},{5,3}};
> cnd={7,3,5,8,3};
> the condition is: plot a point in list "pnts" in Blue if the corresponding
> element in list "cnd" is 3 else plot in Green
> regards

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