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Re: Polar Plots don't seem to work

You problem is not OS dependent.
PolarPlot is part of the Graphics package so you have to load it
before using its functions.
and only then use PolarPlot

On 4/27/05, Peter Jay Salzman <p at> wrote:
> I'm on Linux using Mathematica
> When I try to make a polar plot, no graphics is shown.  This is what I see:
>         In[1]:= PolarPlot[Sin[t], {t, 0, 2*\[Pi]}]
>         Out[1]= PolarPlot[Sin[t],{t,0,2 \[Pi]}]
> Mathematica simply repeats what I told it without displaying a graphic.  Even the
> polar plot in the help browser topic doesn't work.
> Any ideas why Mathematica isn't showing me polar plots?  Do I need to explicitly
> display something?
> Thanks,
> Pete

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