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Re: Using BarChart in a Widget

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply.

Perhaps you could tell me what's wrong with the bar orientation in the

GUIRun[Widget["Panel", {

      Widget["MathPanel", {"preferredSize" ->
      Widget["Dimension", {"width" -> 300, "
        height" -> 300}]}, Name -> "zplot",
            WidgetLayout -> {"Stretching" -> {True, Maximize}}],

      BindEvent["componentResized", Script[updateZernikes[]]],

      Script[updateZernikes[] := Block[{$DisplayFunction = Identity},
            expr = Show[ToExpression["
      Graphics`Graphics`BarChart"][bardata = Table[Random[] - 0.5, {
        13}], BarOrientation -> Horizontal]];
            SetPropertyValue[{"zplot", "
      mathCommand"}, ToString[expr, InputForm]]]

The problem is that the bars are display vertically, even though I
specify BarOrientation -> Horizontal!

Thanks for your help.

Brett Patterson

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