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Re: EUREKA Re: Types in Mathematica, a practical example

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  • Subject: [mg63192] Re: EUREKA Re: [mg62800] Types in Mathematica, a practical example
  • From: Andrzej Kozlowski <akoz at>
  • Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 03:46:28 -0500 (EST)
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On 17 Dec 2005, at 08:16, Andrzej Kozlowski wrote:

>> Occasionally, when you have defined some of the undefined  
>> elements, you may
>> convert to Input Form or have to apply ReleaseHold or
>> ReplaceAll[#,HoldForm[Part[a__]]:>Part[a]]& @ to get rid of the  
>> invisible
>> HoldForm surrounding the indexed elements. For Set and SetDelayed  
>> you can
>> get this automatically by the command
> Hm... have you really tried it:
> ReplaceAll[#,HoldForm[Part[a__]]:>Part[a]]& @x
> {{HoldForm[x[[1,1]]],
>    HoldForm[x[[1,2]]]},
>   {3, HoldForm[x[[2,2]]]}}

It seems I forgot to copy and paste enough from Mathematica to make  
my point clear. So here it is more fully. Define:

x = Array[HoldForm[x[[##1]]] & , {2, 2}]

{{HoldForm[x[[1,1]]], HoldForm[x[[1,2]]]},
   {HoldForm[x[[2,1]]], HoldForm[x[[2,2]]]}}

Now set x[[1,1]] to 3

x[[1,1]] = 3; x

{{3, HoldForm[x[[1,2]]]}, {HoldForm[x[[2,1]]],

Let's remove HoldForm (you can use ReplaceAll[#,HoldForm[Part 
[a__]]:>Part[a]]& @ as you suggested: it won't make any difference):

x /. HoldForm -> Identity

{{3, HoldForm[x[[1,2]]]}, {HoldForm[x[[2,1]]],

You see, nothing changed at all because when HoldForm[x[[1,2]]] was  
released x[[1,2]] was immediately replaced by HoldForm[x[[1,2]], etc.  
In fact I completely fail to see any benefits of having HOldForm here  
compared with (for example) defining


Have I missed your point?

Andrzej Kozlowski

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