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Re: "Alternating" function

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  • From: "Ingolf Dahl" <ingolf.dahl at>
  • Date: Thu, 22 Dec 2005 00:04:31 -0500 (EST)
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Method 1)
Differentiate between odd and even numbers, and try the following:

g[f_, x_, n_Integer] := If[2*Floor[n/2] == n, Nest[(f[
    x + f[x - #]]) &, 0, n/2],
    (f[x - #]) &@  Nest[(f[x + f[x - #]]) &, 0, (n - 1)/2]]

Method 2)
With index:

g[f_, x_, n_Integer] := Module[{index}, index = 0; 
Nest[(f[x + (-1)^(index += 1)*#]) &, 0, n]]

With both methods, x + g[f, x, 5] gives your function.

Best regards

Ingolf Dahl

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From: Renan [mailto:renan.birck at] 
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Subject: [mg63269] [mg63260] "Alternating" function


I want to make a "nested function" like: x + f[x - f[x + f[x - f[x +

I've tried using Nest but I don't find how to keep switching between
Plus and Minus: I would need something that would return an "index" so
I could keep track of when I need to "switch" the operation. (e.g. if
the "index" is odd, the operation is "Plus", otherwise is "Minus")

How can I make this? I looked in the help but didn't find any informations.


Thanks/obrigado, Renan "Wishmaster" Birck - Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul,
MSN: wizard_of_yendor at

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