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EulerianCycle in graphs

   If I do Length[EulerianCycle[CompleteGraph[24,24]]], I get the correct answer
 (577) in about 1-2
seconds, and ShowGraph[CompleteGraph[24,24],EdgeStyle?Thin] also works, so every
thing looks ok.

   But I have a graph "comgraph" with 40 vertices and 66 edges. All vertices are
 of even order,
either 2 or 4. However the function EulerianCycle[comgraph] never terminates, ev
en after an hour.

   Are there restrictions on graphs that make EulerianCycle work properly? Or co
uld something else
be wrong? I can supply details of comgraph if it would help.

   This is seriously holding me up. Thank you for any help.

Steve Gray

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