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Re: Most plotting not working...?

The usual cause of this is trying to use PlotVectorField BEFORE loading the library. If you've done that, loading the library doesn't fix the problem unless you Remove[PlotVectorField] first. (That removes the Global instance created when you tried to use the undefined symbol.)


On Mon, 21 Feb 2005 03:44:48 -0500 (EST), EKH <hall at localhost.localhost> wrote:

> Hi all - I know that this is going to be dumb, but I can't for the life of
> me figure it out. It's probably too simple.
> First, I loaded the Graphics`PlotField` lib. Now, when I go through the
> ListPlotVectorField demo that creates the random varray and then pipes it
> through the ListPlotVectorField[varray] it just spits forth all of the
> numbers without drawing it.
> When I try other demos it just spits them back at me:
> In[49]:= PlotVectorField[{Sin[x], Cos[y]}, {x, 0, Pi}, {y, 0, Pi}]
> Out[49]:= PlotVectorField[{Sin[x], Cos[y]}, {x, 0, \[Pi]}, {y, 0, \[Pi]}]
> I know this is simple. Any help?

DrBob at

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