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Re: Print graphics in smaller size

On 27/2/05 4:53 PM, in article cvrqol$p6g$1 at, "Maximilian
Ulbrich" <mulbrich at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I use Mathematica 5.0 on Windows XP. When I have graphics on my screen
> and print it, it gets much bigger on my printer. Mathematica seems to
> scale my graphics up such that 72 pixels on the screen become 1 inch on
> the printer. To print my graphics using the Print command in the Menu I
> always have to change the size, and then the font sizes do not fit any
> more, and always changing the size of the graphics sucks anyway. Is
> there a way to change the settings to get something like 150 pixels per
> inch on the printer?
> Thanks a lot,
> Max

To change graphics size without changing font sizes you could set an option
in your graphics printout style. Something like Magnification->1.5 might


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