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Re: Thread

Sorry, there were some syntax errors in my previous ThreadOptions. Here 
is the corrected version.

ThreadOptions[f_[args___, opts___?OptionQ], spec___] :=
  Module[{fth=Thread[F[args], spec], oth},
   If[Head[fth]===F, F[args,opts],
    oth = Inner[#2->#1&, Thread[{opts}[[All,2]]], {opts}[[All,1]], seq];
    Which[ Head[oth]===seq, Append[#, oth]& /@ fth,
           Length[oth]==Length[fth], Inner[Append, fth, oth, List],
           True, ERROR
         ]  /. seq -> Sequence
   ] /. F -> f


C   Teubner  t     offline   de
  dot       at minus       dot
   ...oops: "on" not "off" :)

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