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Re: Re: Mathematica 5.2: The 64-bit and multicore release


"Pratik Desai" <pdesai1 at> wrote in message 
news:dbv9h2$ec1$1 at
> Peltio wrote:
>>"Nasser Abbasi" wrote
>>>Is there a command in Mathematica which lists all the new functions
>>>added given a version number? i.e. how can I find a list of all the
>>>new functions in 5.2?

>>THAT would be nice!
>>After all, all that's needed to write such a command are two tables 
>>for each
>>version of Mathematica: one with the new fuctions, and one with the 
>>whose behaviour has been modified from the user's perspective 
>>enhancements are irrilevant from this point of view).
>>It should not cost Wolfram that much of a developing effort and will 
>>users to know at first sight were to look to make their procedures 
>>up to
>>Said tables could be made available to the users, so that they could 
>>the procedure themselves.

> I think the help browser has such a feature
> New in Version 5.1
> etc
> best regards
> Pratik

In 5.2, the 'what is new in 5.2' does not list such functions. It just 
says 'highlights' and there are no links to any new or modified 
functions in 5.2. You are correct that 'what is new in 5.1' does link 
to new/changed functions in 5.1.  Still a command to generate such a 
list would be useful.

It is possible to conclude then that there actually no new or modified 
functions in 5.2, at least nothing that is user visible.

May be when it says "New algorithms for symbolic differential 
equations ", it means these are all internal changes. But it would 
have been nice to know which user level functions these new/improved 
algorithms would affect or more information about what these algorithm 
are about.


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