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Re: Colorfunction along a line...

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  • Subject: [mg59065] Re: Colorfunction along a line...
  • From: Curtis Osterhoudt <gardyloo at>
  • Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005 02:26:10 -0400 (EDT)
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It really wasn't what I was going for (and I would love -- if it's
possible -- a resolution of that), but it works. I was afraid that the
timing would be far too long for my datasets, but it looks doable:

data={#, .5+.5*Sin[417#]}&/@Range[0, .05, .0001];  (*
some--simple--sample data *)

toPlot={Hue[#[[2]]], Point@{#[[1]], 1}}&/@data;          (* massage it a
bit: apply "Hue" to each ordinate, and wrap "Point" around the
{abscissa, 1} pair *)

Show[Graphics[toPlot], PlotRange\[Rule]All]                (* show the
stuff *)


Curtis Osterhoudt wrote:

>Hi, all,
>   I have a series (several thousands) of data traces as read from an
>oscilloscope. From these, I can extract the envelopes easily, and these
>are the "raw" data with which I'll have to work.
>   I'd like to be able to map a very long list of data onto a straight
>line, and have the line's color be dependent upon some ColorFunction
>(which I can define once I figure out what sorts of amplitudes will be
>dealt with). Is there an easy way to do this using non-primitives? In
>other words, if I have to define a line as a succession of colored
>points, I will, but I'd rather just shove a colorfunction into a Line
>(or a Plot[constant, {x, 0, 1}] ) routine.
>    As an example (though not really exactly what I want to do, nor do I
>see how to apply it to my problem), there's an example at
>, about
>halfway down that page, wherein a graphics object (a plot of several
>sine functions) is colored according to the x-coordinate. However, I'd
>like to map some other (perhaps many) hue values onto my lines.
>             Thanks,
>                   Curtis O.

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