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Re: Numerical solution of quadratic equations set.

Stepan Yakovenko schrieb:
> Dear MathGroup experts!
> I've got a system of quadratic equations with many (57)
> variables. Number of equations is less (38), so there may
> be an infinite set of solutions. Also I've got an
> aproximate solution that gives a good discrepancy. I want
> Mathematica to find some solution or/and improve the
> existing one. I'm interested in real (not complex)
> solutions.
> Here's what I've tried with no result:
> NSolve[eq ==== 0, var] - gives no solutions.
> FindInstance[eq====0,var,Reals] - gives no solutions.
> FindRoot[] says that there's not enough equations (yes,
> there isn't, but I'm interested only in one solution).
> I guess there are some options, I've no idea of, that make
> these functions work fine. Or may be I'm doing something
> wrong?
> I'd be very thankful if you spend some minutes on my
> problem if you've got experience in using Mathematica
> built-in solvers.
> And, of course the equations and the approximate solution
> (just CopyPaste them).
> eq/.sol says that the solution is good.

> -----------------------------------------------------------

Dear Stepan,

I've been quite successful by minimizing the sum of squares of the
elements of eq:

{tomin, start} == {eq . eq, Transpose[{var, var /. sol}]} /.
  x_?NumericQ :> SetPrecision[x, Max[Precision[x], 100]];

sol2 == FindMinimum[tomin, start, PrecisionGoal -> 32,
  AccuracyGoal -> 32, WorkingPrecision -> 100,
  MaxIterations -> 1234][[2]];

N[(tomin /. #1 & ) /@ {sol1, sol2}]
{1.8553410543246144*^-17, 3.1572401292448315*^-32}

If you've got a lot of time and memory, you could try
Minimize[{Rationalize[tomin], var \[Element] Reals}, var]
but I really don't know how long or how much memory this will need.

Peter Pein

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