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Re: Re: Mathematica Visualization site - update

   I modified the animation (and notebook) in a couple of ways:

1) Most of the text is now vertical and so doesn't overlap as it did before.
2) The animated GIF only plays through once rather than looping.  To 
reloop the animation, simply force-reload the page (Shift-reload on windows)

The notebook has also had some detail added concerning carbon fusion and 
silicon fusion.


Peltio wrote:

> "Jeff Bryant" wrote
>>The second animation zooms into the core of a massive star showing the
>>complex structure of concentric fusion shells surrounding the core.
> Dunno about the notebook, but in the web animation the various layer
> descriptions fall in top of each other. Maybe you should displace them more.
> Or you should place the texts in the hydrogen layer, adding lines pointing
> to each shell.
> cheers,
> Peltio
> and his two cents, nothing more.

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