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Re: A ToExpression question


f2[] is a replacement rule that say replace all 
symbols of x in the body
of f2[] with the argument. Since the body make no 
reference to the symbol x
it will not replaced.

The Module[] in f3[] will create a symbol y$1, 
y$2, .. with a new number
at the end for every call. But the symbol will 
*never* y alone and so
no replacement with x->0 take place.


"Ray Koopman" <koopman at> schrieb im 
Newsbeitrag news:d9r4h4$53i$1 at
> f1[x_] := Print[x];
> f2[x_] := ToExpression["Print[x]"];
> f3[x_] := Module[{y = x}, 
> ToExpression["Print[y]"]];
> f4[x_] :=  Block[{y = x}, 
> ToExpression["Print[y]"]];
> Scan[#[0]&,{f1,f2,f3,f4}]
> 0
> x
> y
> 0
> Why don't f2 and f3 print 0 ?

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