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Re: False image plot

Hello !

I would do something like that :

data = Table[Random[Integer, {0, 10}], {10}, {3}]; 

max = Max[Last[Transpose[data]]]; 

min = Min[Last[Transpose[data]]]; 

data2 = data /. {x_, y_, z_} -> {PointSize[0.02], 
      Hue[0.7*(z/max)], Point[{x, y}]}; 

<< "Graphics`Legend`"

dessin = Show[Graphics[data2], Axes -> True, 
    DisplayFunction -> Identity, ImageSize -> 500]; 

ShowLegend[dessin, {Hue[0.7*#1] & , 15, ToString[min], 
    ToString[max], LegendShadow -> None, LegendPosition -> 
     {1.2, -0.78}, LegendSize -> {0.4, 1.4}, 
    LegendLabel -> "third value"}];


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Ok here is another one i need help on

How do you get mathematica to take three lists of numbers, plot one as x, one as y and the third not as a 3rd dimension but as a color value of some sort for example blue for low values, red and yellow for high values of the third set of numbers


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