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Re: Re: Graphic resizing problem Linux notebook

If you are using KDE, you might try to suspend the KDE "Klipper", because it 
interfers with the mathematica FrontEnd.

On Monday 28 February 2005 09:28, D Herring wrote:
> > When I click on a graphic such as a plot output, Mathematica should
> > highlight the graphic with a bounding box, and supply anchors with which
> > to resize the graphic.
> >
> > The box and anchors should remain *indefinitely* until I click somewhere
> > else to signify that I'm done.
> >
> > Instead, the selected state of the graphic disappears in about 2
> > seconds, so it is too quick to get a hold of one of the anchors to
> > resize.
> >
> > Has anyone else noticed this sort of behavior?
> Exact same problem here.  Except my selected state disappears in half a
> second.  The motion required to grab it is almost a double-click.
> > Any ideas how to fix?
> My first fix was to change the default ImageSize to something larger.
> I think the required fix was at Edit->Preferences->Graphics
> options->Image bounding box->Image size.
> When I need a different plot size, I usually pass an explicit ImageSize
> to my plotting functions.  e.g. Plot[Sin[x],{x,0,10},ImageSize->400]
> Later,
> Daniel
> Running Mathematica 5.1 for Linux (October 25, 2004) on Slackware-latest

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