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FinFit question


I have used Mathematica 4.2 to solve this problem

    points = {{23400, 273.2}, {6800, 298.2}, {2400, 323.2}};
    T[R_] = NonlinearFit[points, B/Log[R/Ro], {R}, {B, Ro}];

wihich gives the result as

    4021.05/Log[105.49 R]

That is a good result, but when I try to do the same in Mathematica 5.0 
I get error messaeges and an other solutions, which is surely bad
    1556.90/Log[-0.014 R]

Why doesn't work FindFit for this function in Mathematica 5.0

Zsolt Regaly (zs.regaly at

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