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Re: ContourPlot3D and mapping

homh at wrote:
> I tried the above code with the following added
> Needs["Graphics`ContourPlot3D`"];
> << Graphics`Graphics3D`;

I just tried the above code (with that extra line!) and it worked perfectly.
Have you changed the data or anything?

> and got the error message:
> Graphics3D::"gprim":
> f[Mean[{{-0.7250000000000001`, -\[LeftSkeleton] 19 \[RightSkeleton],
> -0.3999999999999999`, \[LeftSkeleton] 2 \[RightSkeleton]} was
> encountered where a Graphics3D  primitive or directive was expected."

Yipes! That error message doesn't look right to me (brackets don't match,
-<<19>> doesn't mean anything), but it's implying that it came across a
20-dimensional polygon or something.

Can you e-mail me an executed notebook to peruse?

Dr Jon D Harrop, Flying Frog Consultancy

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