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Re: Restriction on the domain of Plot3D


I replied to you once, privately, showing in detail how to do these plots
and even sent you .gif image examples. But I never received a reply. Perhaps
you didn't get the email? We can't include attachments to MathGroup
postings, which is why I replied privately.

David Park
djmp at

From: Steeve Brechmann (schumi) [mailto:steevebrechmann at]
To: mathgroup at

Hi everyone,

I want to plot the following function with Plot3D :

eqt[q_,N_,M_]:= -
s[4*Pi*n*d]/(32*Pi^2*(n*d)^3)),{n,1,N}] -

 Plot3D[Evaluate[eqt[1,10,10]],{z0,10^ - 6,3},{d,1/10,6},PlotPoints->50];

But, how can i specify to Mathematica, that i want just the plot for 2*zz0 <
dd ?

Thanks for the help !

Steeve Brechmann
Physics Department, Laval University
steevebrechmann at

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