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Re: FilledPlot: Curves->Back option and Epilog not working?

If you collect (append them to some list, maybe called
"epilogcollection") all of your epilog statements as you go along, you
can probably use Show[plot1,plot2,Graphics[epilogollection]] to output
all of the epilogs on the last chart.

On 5/8/05, AES <siegman at> wrote:
> I have a module that makes a filled plot.  I use it to make two (or
> more) displaced filled plots, then Show these plots (code below).
> Everything works as expected, with two problems:
> *  The Curves->Back option never works.
> *  An additional line generated by an Epilog in the module only appears
> in the final test plot.
> I'm beginning to realize that when multiple plots each having an Epilog
> are combined using Show or DisplayTogether, only the *final* Epilog gets
> executed.  Throwing in "Evaluates" at various stages in the process
> doesn't seem to get around this.
> If this is true, maybe the description of Epilog in the online Help
> should say this?  (Especially since it seems an intuitively *non*obvious
> way for Epilog to behave -- shouldn't the stuff created by Epilog in a
> Plot command become part of the plot once the plot command has been
> executed?)
> I don't have a clue why Curves->Back doesn't work anywhere or any way
> I've tried it (including changing Front to Back in the online Help
> example).
> wavePlot[<args>] := Module[{},
>       <expressions>,
>       FilledPlot[ <plot stuff> ,
>             Curves -> Back,
>             Epilog -> {Line[ <line stuff> ]},
>             DisplayFunction -> Identity]];
> <set all the args>;
> testPlot1 = wavePlot[ <args> ];
> <reset all the args>;
> testPlot2 = wavePlot[ <args> ];
> Show[testPlot1, testPlot2,
>          DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction,
>          PlotRange -> All];

Chris Chiasson
1 (810) 265-3161

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