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Re: FilledPlot: Curves->Back option and Epilog not working?

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  • Subject: [mg56884] Re: [mg56861] FilledPlot: Curves->Back option and Epilog not working?
  • From: Bob Hanlon <hanlonr at>
  • Date: Mon, 9 May 2005 01:46:05 -0400 (EDT)
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5.1 for Mac OS X (January 27, 2005)



{Curves -> Back}

Curves->Back is the default.  Compare

FilledPlot[{Sin[x],Cos[x],x^2/18},{x,0,2 Pi}];

FilledPlot[{Sin[x],Cos[x],x^2/18},{x,0,2 Pi}, 

Use  Epilog in the DisplayTogether or with the Show

    plt1=FilledPlot[x^2/18,{x,0,2 Pi}],
    plt2=FilledPlot[{Sin[x],Cos[x]},{x,0,2 Pi}],
    Epilog->Text["This is the epilog",{2,1.5}]];

    Epilog->Text["This is the epilog",{2,1.5}]];

Or carry the Epilog forward using AbsoluteOptions

    plt1=FilledPlot[x^2/18,{x,0,2 Pi},
        Epilog->Text["This is the epilog 1",{2,1.5}]],
    plt2=FilledPlot[{Sin[x],Cos[x]},{x,0,2 Pi},
        Epilog->Text["This is the epilog 2",{2,2}]],


Bob Hanlon

> From: AES <siegman at>
To: mathgroup at
> Date: 2005/05/08 Sun AM 02:10:12 EDT
> Subject: [mg56884] [mg56861]  FilledPlot: Curves->Back option and Epilog not 
> I have a module that makes a filled plot.  I use it to make two (or 
> more) displaced filled plots, then Show these plots (code below).  
> Everything works as expected, with two problems:
> *  The Curves->Back option never works.
> *  An additional line generated by an Epilog in the module only appears 
> in the final test plot.
> I'm beginning to realize that when multiple plots each having an Epilog 
> are combined using Show or DisplayTogether, only the *final* Epilog gets 
> executed.  Throwing in "Evaluates" at various stages in the process 
> doesn't seem to get around this.  
> If this is true, maybe the description of Epilog in the online Help 
> should say this?  (Especially since it seems an intuitively *non*obvious 
> way for Epilog to behave -- shouldn't the stuff created by Epilog in a 
> Plot command become part of the plot once the plot command has been 
> executed?)
> I don't have a clue why Curves->Back doesn't work anywhere or any way 
> I've tried it (including changing Front to Back in the online Help 
> example).
> wavePlot[<args>] := Module[{},      
>       <expressions>, 
>       FilledPlot[ <plot stuff> ,
>             Curves -> Back,        
>             Epilog -> {Line[ <line stuff> ]},
>             DisplayFunction -> Identity]];
> <set all the args>;
> testPlot1 = wavePlot[ <args> ];
> <reset all the args>;
> testPlot2 = wavePlot[ <args> ];
> Show[testPlot1, testPlot2,   
>          DisplayFunction -> $DisplayFunction,   
>          PlotRange -> All];

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