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Re: How was this typed?

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  • Subject: [mg61855] Re: How was this typed?
  • From: David Bailey <dave at>
  • Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2005 04:09:23 -0500 (EST)
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Steven T. Hatton wrote:
> How did the author type this code? Would this have all been done in "Show
> Expression" mode?  I'm beginning to wonder if people who do a lot of
> authoring in Mathematica spend a good deal of their time looking at
> notebooks in whatever-you-call-thisForm.  Would that be a correct
> assumption?
> Cell[BoxData[
>     FormBox[GridBox[{
>           {Cell[TextData[{
>               StyleBox["StyleForm[", "MR"],
>               StyleBox["expr", "TI"],
>               StyleBox[",", "MR"],
>               " ",
>               StyleBox["options", "TI"],
>               StyleBox["]", "MR"],
>               " "
>             }]], Cell["print with the specified style options "]},
>           {Cell[TextData[{
>               StyleBox["StyleForm[", "MR"],
>               StyleBox["expr", "TI"],
>               StyleBox[",", "MR"],
>               " ",
>               StyleBox["\"", "MR"],
>               StyleBox["style", "TI"],
>               StyleBox["\"]", "MR"],
>               " "
>             }]], Cell["print with the specified cell style "]}
>           },
>         ColumnAlignments->{Right, Left}], TraditionalForm]],
> "DefinitionBox",
>   GridBoxOptions->{RowSpacings->0.4,
>   RowLines->False},
>   CellTags->"S2.9.9"]

I don't think working with unformatted cell expressions would be an 
efficient way to author anything, but unformatting is useful to find out 
how something is constructed.

At its simplest level, you could put all that mess inside a CellPrint to 
create a program that creates the cell in question - then you could 
start replacing bits of the expression by stuff you calculate, and maybe 
make the code accessible from an extra menu item or a palette so you can 
conveniently run the code while you are inputting another document.......

David Bailey

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