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Re: Re: Question regarding Mathematica's treatment of whitespace

But in Mathematica, the semicolon is NOT a terminator at all.  Rather, 
it's a SEPARATOR -- between parts of a CompoundExpression.  (Something 
of the form "a;b;...", etc.)

When the user omits the final statement in the compound expression, as 
in "a;b;" then Mathematica inserts Null as that missing final statement. 
  Since Null is normally not printed as a result, the effect is to 
display no output whatsoever.

It's as sensible to insist that Mathematica "should" adopt this or that 
syntactical convention of some other programming language, as to insist 
that, say, English should obey the syntax rules of some other natural 

carlos at wrote:
> Mathematica should mandate ; as terminator of any expression,
> as in C.   Then problems such as the one noted by the OP
> would disappear: with CR/LF uniformly ignored source interpretation
> becomes more linebreak independent.
> Also the common warning about "this statement
> will be interpreted as implicit  multiplication" in modules, with
> consequent risk of infinite recursion, would go away.
> To get an expression printed  a short  construct  such as
>        a = Sin[Pi/2]   >>;
> which outputs "a=1" could be introduced to avoid the
> verbosity of Print.  This could be easily edited in and out in
> module debugging.

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