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Re: Boolean Integral

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  • Date: Thu, 24 Nov 2005 06:33:30 -0500 (EST)
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Brambilla Roberto Luigi (CESI-PGE) wrote:
> Hi,
> I have defined the following support function:
> chi[func_,y1_,y2_]:=Boole[yi<func<y2]
> that gives 1 if yi<func<y2 and 0 otherwise. It works well with Plot :
> (*example*)	
> foo[x_]:=-BesselJ[1,x]
> y1=.12;
> y2=.16;
> Plot[{foo[x],chi[foo[x]],y1,y2],y1,y2},{x,0,20},
> PlotRange->All,PlotStyle->{Black,Red,Blue,Blue}]
> but if I want to *measure* the sum of intervals where y1<foo<y2, the answer is wrong:  the integral
> NIntegrate[chi[foo[x],y1,y2],{x,0,20}]
> often gives 0 since x-sample points (Gauss points) of a numerical method may fall into intervals where chi=0. 
> If I use Method->MonteCarlo the results is rather slow (10 sec.) and change a little bit at every execution
> NIntegrate[chi[foo[x],y1,y2],{x,0,20},Method->MonteCarlo]
> 1.3668
> There are other NIntegrate settings to obtain the wright result more quicly?
> (I would like to avoid to use FindRoot and to fragment the integral etc...)
> Any help well accepted.
> Thank You.
> Rob.

Anton already answered your question.

I wanted to point out that if it is easy to find the locations where 
foo[x] equals y1 and y2, then inserting these points into the 
integration contour would provide an accurate answer quickly. For your 
particular example, it is very easy to find out where foo[x] equals y1 
and y2 by using the package BesselZeros:





Construct the integration path:



Evaluate the integral. Note that we don't need to "fragment" the integral:


{0.047 Second,1.33977}

Of course, if the end points are known, it is simpler to just add them up:



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Carl Woll
Wolfram Research

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