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Re: ShowGraphArray

Use SetGraphOptions.
evaluete the following small program to see how it works
<< DiscreteMath`Combinatorica`
VertexNumber -> If[EvenQ[i], True, False]], {i, 2, 6}]]

On 10/29/05, leigh pascoe <leigh at> wrote:
> Dear Mathgroup,
> The command
> ShowGraphArray[{g1,g2,g3},VertexNumber\[Rule]True]
> will display an array of 3 graphic objects with the option specified.
> Is it possible to display the 3 graphs, each with different options? If
> so what is the syntax?
> A related question would be, how can I determine the available options
> for a given command? (Options[expr] only gives those that have already
> been set.)
> Thanks
> LP

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