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(how to) make a "boxes" from a MatrixForm representation?

Hello notebook Gurus:

I plead for some direction. I can get an expression to be made into a
"boxes" by somthing like this:

g = ToBoxes[Nest[1 + 1/# &, y, 7]]

So far, so good. Now I have a list in MatrixForm, that I want to make
into "boxes" also:

a = {1, 21, 311, 4111, 51111, 611111, 7111111};
(* here is what I want *)
a // MatrixForm
(* this is no good!@#$% *)
g1 = ToBoxes[a, MatrixForm]

It will only take members of (the list) $BoxForms.

Can you point me to the solution?

Thanks in advance.


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