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Re: Why this function does not return a single value

  Hi Bill

  I know that Mathematica treats space as a multiplication sign. What
happens here is that when I remove the multiplication signs in Input mode,
convert to Standard mode and then back to Input mode the multiplication
signs reappear.
I just did the following experiment.
Opened fresh Mathematica notebook and typed in (in Standard mode)
(no spaces anywhere)
Executed that
Then converted to Input mode and there will be a star between a[1] and the
blanc sign _ .

However when I remove the square brackets from the input that does not

Thanks for Your reply.


Bill Rowe wrote:

> On 9/7/05 at 4:03 AM, marekbr at (Marek) wrote:
>>For now I have only one thing to say. Those multiplication signs
>>appear out of nowhere when I convert the call with function definition
>>from Input Form to Standard Form. I can remove the m while in Standard
>>form but as soon as I execute this cell (or convert it to Standard
>>Form) they reappear. Is that the way it is suppose to be?
> When a multiplication sign appears as a result of converting from one form
> to another it typically is because there is a space between expressions in
> the original form. Mathematica treats a space between expressions as
> multiplication. And often, it is very difficult to notice an extra space.
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