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Re: Re: Typing special symbols in text mode?

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  • Date: Wed, 5 Apr 2006 06:56:13 -0400 (EDT)
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We should note that there is a slight bug with this approach: even if you 
inline a simple equation like 3+5x=f(x), then it doesn't get placed into 
math environment in LaTeX.  For some reason, I guess the converter only 
converts to math mode those expressions that obviously need special 
formatting, like fractions or subscripts.  It turns out to be a problem 
because then these simple functions don't look right in the DVI or final 
product of your TeX.

The only way that I've figured out how to go around it is to fool the 
converter first by placing a framebox around all such problematic inline 
cells, then do a global edit of the fbox that is created in the TeX output.

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From: "Paul Abbott" <paul at>
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Subject: [mg65506] [mg65479] Re: Typing special symbols in text mode?

> In article <e0llsk$797$1 at>,
> "Rex Eastbourne" <    > wrote:
>> I'm writing a problem set and would like to use special mathematical
>> notation such as vector arrows, the special R for reals, subscripts and
>> superscripts, and so on (both in equations and in English regular text
>> comments). This would be easy to do in LaTeX, but can it be done in
>> Mathematica? (I know about the "export to TeX" feature, but it would be
>> nice not to have to go back and change notation after exporting to
>> TeX.)
> This is easy to do in Mathematica. See
>  Edit | Expression Input
> and in particular the items Above, Subscript, and Superscript. The items
>  Start Inline Cell
> and
>  End Inline Cell
> are used for inline equations within text. I always put mathematical
> expressions in inline cells (a la $x$ in LaTeX).
> Note that if you write some text into a text cell and then type a
> variable, say x, and then use, say, the Superscript menu item (or its
> keyboard shortcut, indicated in the menu), an inline cell is created
> automatically.
> Advantages of Mathematica for typesetting include:
> [1] it is WYSIWYG
> [2] you can use the Mathematica kernel to evaluate expressions appearing
> in inline cells and in equations -- anywhere, in fact.
> [3] it has the extra advantage of being meaningful mathematics.
> For example, instead of entering a double-struck R to denote reals, if
> you type Reals into an input cell and convert it to TraditionalForm it
> displays as a double-struck R -- but carries meaning with it (via a
> TagBox as Function[{}, Reals]). This symbol can be used (at least in
> TraditionalForm) within commands such as Reduce and Resolve.
> If you paste the following cell expression into Mathematica, you will
> see an example of Mathematica's typesetting:
> Cell[TextData[{"Here is some text containing special mathematical
> notation such as vector arrows, ",
> Cell[BoxData[FormBox[OverscriptBox["a", "\[RightVector]"],
>    TraditionalForm]]],  ", the special R for reals, ",
>   Cell[BoxData[ FormBox[ TagBox["\[DoubleStruckCapitalR]",
>   Function[{}, Reals]], TraditionalForm]]],  ", subscripts ",
> Cell[BoxData[ FormBox[ SubscriptBox["a", "i"], TraditionalForm]]],
>  " and superscripts, ",  Cell[BoxData[ FormBox[
>    SuperscriptBox["b", "j"], TraditionalForm]]],  "."}], "Text"]
> Cheers,
> Paul
> _______________________________________________________________________
> Paul Abbott                                      Phone:  61 8 6488 2734
> School of Physics, M013                            Fax: +61 8 6488 1014
> The University of Western Australia         (CRICOS Provider No 00126G)
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