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Re: x=2;Composition[f,FindMinimum][x+1,{x,a}]

The crash confused matters for me. Thank you for clearing that up. Now
that the source is known, perhaps someone could crack the "original"
question I am trying to solve:




Why is it that in Composition[Hold], Composition does not effectively
block the HoldAll attribute of Hold? The same thing happens with

On 7/31/06, Carl K. Woll <carlw at> wrote:
> Chris Chiasson wrote:
> > The above command crashes my kernel on Windows XP and Linux. Anybody else?
> >
> The crash comes when evaluating
> FindMinimum[3,{2,a}]
> Presumably you did not intend to evaluate this.
> In the development version, the above code does not cause a crash.
> Carl Woll
> Wolfram Research


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